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The Mission of the Spera Foundation USA is to Fund the purchase And Maintenance of Life Saving Publicly Accessible AED’s across the United States, and to Sponsor Community Group CPR Training Events.
Every Year More Than 356,000 People in The U.S. Experience A Sudden Cardiac Arrest Outside Of A Hospital.
Only 1 In 10 People Survive.
Approximately FIVE TIMES as many could Survive If Bystanders Gave CPR and Used an AED Immediately.

 Would you know what to do and where to find an AED in a crisis?



When someone has a sudden cardiac arrest there are only minutes to help that person survive. Today only 1 in 10 victims survive sudden cardiac arrest, but 5 in 10 could survive if bystanders gave CPR and used AEDs immediately. 


Yet in public places there is a massive shortage of AEDs in the USA. It is estimated we need a many as 40 million additional AEDs to help save more lives
Young woman instructor clinging contacts on a dummy teaching how to make defibrillation during the first aid group training indoors

CPR Trained

You can more than triple a person's chance of survival by giving CPR immediately and early defibrillating. Yet fewer than one in five American adults has current training in CPR, and that rate is even lower among older adults. 
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, even those who are seemingly healthy
  • SCA causes more deaths than breast cancer, colon cancer, motor vehicle accidents and diabetes, combined
  • Every minute without CPR someone's chance of surviving decreases by 10%
  • After 10 minutes without defibrillation, very few people survive.
  • The average time for paramedics to arrive once 911 is called is eight to 12 minutes
You may save the life of someone you love by giving CPR, 7 in 10 sudden cardiac arrests happen at home.
African american family playing in bed.

Thousands Of
Lives Saved

We're changing the reaction to cardiac emergencies. Many people know of someone who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest or other heart problems and we want to save more lives by saving more time.
Almost a 1,000 people a day die from sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital and many of those could have been prevented.
But our team can't do it alone. We're looking for members of the community like you to help us cut waiting times to save lives in America's neighborhoods.
With YOUR HELP we can we can help to save thousands of lives every year.

The Spera Foundation is a 501(c)(3) pending nonprofit. Donate today to assist the Foundation to FUND more community AEDs.

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Oscars Party Celebrity Launch of the Official SPERA Foundation USA
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This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.