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SPERA Foundation USA in-studio live segment
Good Morning LaLa Land
America's first live streaming daily talk show

Good Morning LaLa Land is America's first, live-streaming daily talk show, allowing viewers to consume, digest, and share their entertainment experience across multiple, distributed social media platforms simultaneously and available on APPLE TV + ROKU on the EVERTALK TV app.

With over 3000 guests, and 100 million impressions, Good Morning LaLa Land is leading-edge, digital media at its very best, empowering their audience to make a major shift happen in their personal, financial, relational, and emotional lives... so they can live their best lives starting today!

SPERA Foundation USA
MTV Music Awards


Partnered With Kate Mesta, International Lifestyle Brand

Kate Mesta Jewelry provides one-of-a-kind pieces that are artfully designed with individuality in mind. The Spera Foundation has joined hands with Kate Mesta to create a unique, exclusive line that helps fund our mission through each sale.

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