Our Mission

We Are Stronger Together

We're changing the reaction to cardiac emergencies. We've all known someone who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest or other heart problems and we want to save more lives by saving more time.

You can triple a persons chance of survival by giving CPR immediately and early defibrillating.

The foundations mission is to fund the purchase, installation and maintenance of life saving defibrillators in neighborhoods across the US.

Through our nationwide campaign called "Your Hands Save Lives” we focus on increasing awareness of the importance of CPR certification for every able American.

We sponsor community group CPR training events to engage as many members of the community as possible.

Our vision is to see an AED defibrillator in every neighborhood for nearby responders to use to provide more help in less time.

But our team can't do it alone. We're looking for members of the community like you to help us cut waiting times to save lives in America's neighborhoods.



Take control of a major healthcare crisis.

You may save the life of someone you love by giving CPR since 7 in 10 sudden cardiac arrests happen at home.

You can double or triple a person's chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest by giving CPR immediately.

The chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest decrease by 10% every minute without CPR.

The estimated number of sudden cardiac arrests in the U.S. was 1.3-2 million years of potential life lost.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects more than 356,000 people outside hospitals each year in the U.S. It strikes seemingly healthy people of all ages, including 7,000 children and teens.

Today only 1 in 10 victims survive sudden cardiac arrest, but 5 in 10 could survive if bystanders gave CPR and used AEDs immediately.

This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.