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Our Program to Save Lives

1. Community Awareness 
2. Certify Residents in CPR & AED Usage
3. Place AEDs Within The Neighborhood
4. Neighborhood Alert System




February 22 In Pomona, CA. Limited Spots Available!

Midsummer Scream is offering a select number of weekend passes to future lifesavers who register for and complete CPR training on February 22.

Upon completion of training, each recipient will receive a t-shirt designed by Austin Pardun, and weekend passes to Midsummer Scream. Additional perks available depending on registration level.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS and in order to receive any portion of any package you MUST complete CPR/AED training at the event. Registrations are non-transferable! (no-shows forfeit registration fees, tickets, and other items.)

Any profits will be donated to the Heart Safe Neighborhood to support them with training additional people in CPR and other life saving programs!

Midsummer Scream Three Days Of Halloween!!!
Register For The CPR And AED Certification Course. Become A Future Lifesaver And Receive A Weekend Pass

Celebrity Ambassadors And Events
Helping To Raise Awareness To Save More Lives

Every Year More Than 356,000 People In The U.S. Experience A Sudden Cardiac Arrest Outside Of A Hospital.
Only 1 In 10 People Survive.
Approximately FIVE TIMES As Many Could Survive If Bystanders Gave CPR And Used An AED Immediately.

Would you know what to do and where to find an AED in a crisis?

Your Hands Save Lives Free CPR Certification Classes



Join us in creating Heart Safe Neighborhoods™ through a culture of Good Samaritan First Responders.

Our classes are suitable for the general public. We deliver a full certification program which conforms to the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC.

Providing certification training empowers the layperson to be able to perform lifesaving techniques properly.

The average time for paramedics to arrive once 911 is called is eight to 14.5 minutes.

You may save the life of someone you love by giving CPR, almost 80% of  sudden cardiac arrests happen at home.

Register for one of our FREE CPR and AED certification courses.

AEDs Save Lives


When someone has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) there are only minutes to help that person survive. Today only 1 in 10 victims survive, but if bystanders gave CPR and used an AED immediately Five Times as many people could survive

Yet in public places there is a massive shortage of AEDs in the USA.

There are approximately 3.2 million AEDs in public places. However, in order to effectively increase the survival rate it is estimated we need more than 40 million additional AEDs.

Proud Ambassador of SAVESTATION® AED Cabinets

Nearly 80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in the home, often out of reach of an AED. If an AED is not administered within 10 minutes of a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival are less than 1%.

Placing an AED in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD, makes it possible to retrieve an AED and apply it within a 3-5 minute window. This not only increases the chance of survival, but improves the condition of the person when discharged from the hospital.

SaveStations are designed to house any AED on the market. From indoor wall brackets, to outdoor Towers, SaveStation can be placed throughout a community to dramatically impact survival rates.

Our Foundation funds the purchase, installation and maintenance of publicly accessible AED’s housed in SaveStation® state of the art cabinets. 

Neighborhood Alert System


The GoodSAM APP helps Reinforce the "chain of survival".

GoodSam Is A Smartphone App That Connects Medically-Trained And CPR Certified Individuals ”Good Samaritans" To People Who Need Help In A Medical Emergency.

Whose Life Might You Save Today?  -  Calling All Responders.

We Are Stronger Together Align Your Business With Our Work To Save Lives


Align your business with our work to save more lives and expand your connection to the community.

We're changing the reaction to cardiac emergencies. We've all known someone who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest or other heart problems and we want to save more lives by saving more time.

Our Foundation has launched a nationwide PR campaign to bring significant exposure to our cause.

We attend a number of celebrity events throughout the year, including Pre-Oscar parties, the Emmys, MTV Awards, private celebrity events and concerts.

We also attend numerous internationally renowned trade shows, and numerous Fairs and Festivals.

Your sponsorship helps us to provide Free CPR and AED certification. Along with funding the placement maintenance of publicly accessible AEDs.

Become one of our treasured sponsors and help us to create Heart Safe Neighborhoods™ across America.

We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available to fit every charitable gift giving budget.

Our Generous Sponsors of the Foundation

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HeartSafe IoT

Your Hands Save Lives
CPR Certification To Help Save More Lives


Take control of a major healthcare crisis.

You may save the life of someone you love by giving CPR since 7 in 10 sudden cardiac arrests happen at home.

You can double or triple a person's chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest by giving CPR immediately.

The chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest decrease by 10% every minute without CPR.

The estimated number of sudden cardiac arrests in the U.S. was 1.3-2 million years of potential life lost.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects more than 356,000 people outside hospitals each year in the U.S. It strikes seemingly healthy people of all ages, including 7,000 children and teens.

Today only 1 in 10 victims survive sudden cardiac arrest, but 5 in 10 could survive if bystanders gave CPR and used AEDs immediately.

This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.

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