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Your Hands Save Lives

When a medical emergency occurs, you know to call 911. The first medical professional you will come into contact with is usually an EMT or Paramedic in the ambulance. Our EMS medical professionals are often Community Heros. 
Unfortunately, due to a number of challenges such as remote locations or road congestion, the average time for paramedics to arrive once 911 is called is eight to 12 minutes. 
In order for us to save more lives we must act like no-one is coming!
You can more than triple a persons' chance of survival by giving CPR immediately, and begin early defibrillation. Fewer than one in five American adults has current training in CPR, and that rate is even lower among older adults. 
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, even those who are seemingly healthy
  • Every minute without CPR someone's chance of surviving decreases by 10%. 
  • SCA causes more deaths than breast cancer, colon cancer, motor vehicle accidents and diabetes - COMBINED!
  • You may save the life of someone you love by giving CPR - almost 80% of sudden cardiac arrests happen at home. 

Our classes are suitable for the general public. We deliver a full certification program which conforms to the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC and 2015 AHA and ARC for First Aid.

Our training is conducted by certified CPR/AED and First Aid instructors through the American Safety & Health Institute.

Providing certification training empowers the layperson to be able to perform lifesaving techniques properly.

Adult + Child
(Class Room Only)

  • Class Duration about 4 Hours
  • CPR & AED Adult + Child certification
  • The latest CPR training updates
  • Classroom and practical CPR and rescue breathing techniques
  • Two year certification card
At the conclusion of the class you will invited to download the GoodSAM App.
The GoodSAM App connects those in need with those in the local community who have life saving skills to help until the emergency services arrive.
The GoodSAMAlerter App uses locational services to track the location of a person in need of a help; after a call is triggered we know exactly where the person is located.

The GoodSAM Responder App continuously sends locational updates to our server to allow the location of volunteer doctors/first-aiders to be tracked so they can be notified of any emergencies occurring around them.


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Our courses are filled on a first come first serve basis

Once the event is full you will be given the option to join our waitlist

If the course becomes full we will keep your contact information and email you an invitation to the next local event.

If You Can't Attend:
The The Foundation offers FREE community group CPR and AED certification courses. We aim to offer group classes at locations throughout the U.S. 
While our events are free for attendees, there is a cost to our Foundation; unfortunately our resources are limited. Adult + Child, CPR and AED certification would typically cost an individual around $60.
We know life can get hectic, but please remember, If you register for a CPR training event, and you can’t attend, valuable training might be wasted. Please consider sending someone else in your place. Just drop us a line with the new attendees name, if possible. You'll always be welcome in the next training session!
If you don't know someone who would like to take your place, let us know and we will fill the spot. You'll always be welcome in the next training session!
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