We have the power to save lives within our own neighborhoods Together We can create "Heart Safe States" Across America.

at home cardiac arrest

Almost 80% Of Deaths From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Happen In Our Homes. 20% Happen In Public Places Such As The Workplace. These Are Our Friends, Neighbors And Loved Ones.

Together We Can Solve This

the solution is surprisingly simple But it will take us all working together

Empower people

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The The Foundation is spearheading a nationwide program to save more lives neighborhood by neighborhood.

Our first step is to connect with the neighborhood residents to increase awareness of the problem and the solution.

But don't worry we know how to put the FUN into these events! 

Free food, drinks, entertainment and gifts. 

CPR & AED Certification

Our next step is to certify for free each neighborhood resident who has volunteered to become a neighborhood "Good Samaritan First Responder" in both CPR and AED use. 
We also identify residents with existing certification such as doctors, nurses, police officers and EMTs.

Neighborhood AED Program

Nearly 80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in the home, often out of reach of an AED. If an AED is not administered within 10 minutes of a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival are less than 1%.

Over 75% of SCA victims are treatable with an AED if administered with 10 minutes. 

Placing an AED in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD, makes it possible to retrieve an AED and apply it within a 3-5 minute window. This not only increases the chance of survival, but improves the condition of the person when discharged from the hospital.

Our organization purchases, installs and maintains the publicly accessible AEDs. 

We install either free standing or wall mounted units.

The SaveStation state of the art AED cabinets ensure that the AED is secure and operational when needed in an emergency.

All our cabinets offer an opportunity for advertising on both the front and back of the Tower and the front of the wall unit. 

Our mission is to see an AED in every neighborhood for nearby responders to use to provide help in less time.

Neighborhood Alert System


We've integrated technology to alert trained volunteers when someone in the neighborhood suffers a cardiac arrest.

We encourage everyone with current CPR certification to voluntarily register via the GoodSam application, whether you have many years of certification, or are a newly certified "Good Samaritan First Responder." 

GoodSam is a smartphone application that connects medically-trained and CPR certified individuals ”Good Samaritans" to people who need help in a medical emergency.

When Time Matters™


Unfortunately, due to a number of challenges such as remote locations or road congestion, the average time for paramedics to arrive once 911 is called is eight to twelve minutes. 

We want to protect the residents in your neighborhood while waiting for the emergency medical services. 

But our team can't do it alone. We're looking for members of the community like you to help us cut response times to save lives in America's neighborhoods.

This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.

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